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Yeah, I know that all sounds a little negative. I don't really mean it. But after producing almost 40 short films, countless corporate videos and several television commercials, I've earned the right to be a little tired. But the other side of this is this - there's nothing quite like watching others watch your films. Hearing the laughter (when they're supposed to laugh) is a wonderful feeling. As long as I am healthy enough to drag a camera around I will be making videos.


But imagine the liberation, the freedom felt when shooting still photography. If shooting with a flash, for the most part, existing lighting is of no concern. The flash will completely overpower any typical incandescent lighting. Noisy neighbors, airplanes, loud car stereos may be annoying, but they have no effect on shooting stills. So keep the air conditioner running, don't unplug that fridge, let the dog bark and snap away!

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